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Playing Outdoors

Trayfoot Mountain Outdoor Tai Chi Pavilion

Safe Classes for Modern Times!

In the spirit of keeping everyone safe and not spreading colds, flu and of course covid-19 and all its variations, we have moved all classes outdoors permanently. We have built an outdoor, open air Tai Chi Pavilion which will give us a solid base to work on while letting us enjoy and benefit from nature’s energies.

When we moved classes outdoors in 2020 as a necessity, we were amazed to find that everyone enjoyed the classes even more, however, as winter settled in we found that the ground became muddy and it wasn’t quite as much fun with muddy feet. The light bulb went on and I decided to invest in an outdoor studio with no muddy feet. There were delays due to trying to get the decking, but it is finally finished and we will have dry, clean feet year round!

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