Did You Know…?

From CNN 5/22/18:  Daily egg eaters have 18% lower risk of dying from cardiovascular disease, which manifest as heart attracts and strokes, compared to adults who avoid eggs, report published in the Journal Heart finds. Study used info from more than 400k participants over nearly 9 years; those who ate an egg a day showed lower risk of hemorrhagic stroke and ischemic heart disease. Study’s author says results show eating eggs in moderation—less than one a day—is associated with lower rate of heart disease. Heart disease kills 17.7m every year and is leading cause of death and disability worldwide, World Health Org says.

GMA 4/6/18:  Elderly adults can grow as many new brain cells as young people, study finds.

Tai Chi can increase stem cells? See article under Almost Daily Blog.




According to a recent study,  health care costs are reduced by a whopping 83.4% in older adults who practice Qigong?!!!

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