Tai Chi & Qigong


Summer Qigong & Meditation By the Pond

Easy to learn movements & meditation techniques (may be done sitting or standing) with many benefits including:

* Helps Prevent Colds & Flu
* Boosts Immune System
* Stress Reduction
* Deep Breathing Techniques
* Asthma Relief
* May Help Prevent Breast Cancer
* May help Heart Conditions
* Helpful for Arthritis
* And many other Complaints

Tuesdays Beginning May 3,  9:00-10:00a.m. And ongoing all summer except for May 17. Walk-ins welcome. Summer break July 1-31.

For more info or to register, call/text Jennifer at 540-476-1789 or respond on the Home page of this website.


Tai Chi in the Treetops

Fridays Beginning May 6, 9:00-10:00 a.m. And ongoing through the summer except for July 1. Walk-ins welcome

The following form is outlined for participants in In.Form Wellness and Weight Loss Course and for Massanutten Resort Guests.

Chinese Weight Loss/Muscle Building Qigong

1. Shake It Up Qigong – 3 Part, Turn from waist side to side, bounce in place, combine first two movements. (Keep whole body relaxed, but especially lower back relaxed and dropped, arms relaxed and loose, tip of tongue to roof of mouth).

2. Punch with Intention   From Horse Stance, punch straight forward, using waist–not arms–to drive the punch. 6x

3.  From wider Horse stance, punch out and down to sides as you lower stance. When spiraling the arm out, coordinate with turning of the waist. 9x

4.  Shoot the bow! From Horse Stance, shoot bow to left and then to right. 9x

5.  Separate Heaven and Earth. When pushing the arm up, open the sides to get height, do not lock the elbow!

6. Swimming Dragon

Swimming Dragon

1. Start with hands over dantien, then bring hands to prayer position under chin.

2. Turn waist slightly to left, send arms out in front of you, fold forward from the hips and let head drop into space between arms. Now, using waist, turn slightly to right.

3. Bring hands back to prayer position then point fingers to left and push the left hand out with heel of the right hand. This the starting position for figure 8 (see drawing on back).

4. Now push right hand with heel of left hand diagonally down to outside right hip, then across groin, then back up diagonally to outside right shoulder. From there close the top of the 8 by pushing left hand with right outside of left shoulder.

NOTE: when performing Swimming Dragon, keep lower back relaxed and open, and keep elbow down, shoulders relaxed and down, trunk or “lodge pole” straight.

Gathering Qi and closing. Open stance to shoulder width. Bring hands out to the sides, palms up and as you inhale, raise the hands out, up and over the head. With the exhale, press hands down in front of you to dantien. Repeat twice more. Now place hands over dantien and focus on bringing energy (Qi) to center of the body behind hands. Stand quietly, letting Qi settle for as long as you want.


Copyright 2016 Jennifer Stroop Hensley


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