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CNN 5/22/18. Daily egg eaters have 18% lower risk of dying from cardiovascular disease, which manifest as heart attracts and strokes, compared to adults who avoid eggs, report published in the Journal Heart finds. Study used info from more than 400k participants over nearly 9 years; those who ate an egg a day showed lower risk of hemorrhagic stroke and ischemic heart disease. Study’s author says results show eating eggs in moderation—less than one a day—is accounted with lower rate of heart disease. Heart disease kills 17.7m every year and is leading cause of death and disability worldwide, World Health Org says.

GMA 4/6/18 Elderly adults can grow as many new brain cells as young people, study finds.


GERDS Self-test

As I promised at a seminar last week, here is the GERDS “stuff”.

In the book Prescription for Nutritional Healing, the following excerpt tells you how to do a self-test for stomach acid issues: “Hydrochloric acid (HCI), which is produced by the glands in the stomach, is necessary for the breakdown and digestion of many foods. Insufficient amounts of HCI can lead to indigestion. HCI levels often decline with age. You can determine if you need more HCI with this simple test. Take a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar or lemon juice. If this makes your indigestion go away, then you need more stomach acid. If it makes your symptoms worse, then you have too much acid and you should take care not to take any supplements that contain HCL.”

Using Fingers as a Testing Tool

I also promised to write up  a short piece on how to use the fingers as a testing tool to determine what is beneficial or detrimental to you.


1. Relax your hand completely. Lay your pointer and middle finger out and place the pad of your thumb on the pad of the middle finger. Now, with no pressure or tension, very lightly make a circle with your thumb around the pads of the pointer and middle finger pads. It should feel smooth and silky.

2. Think of the best thing that ever happened to you while making the circle. It should feel ultra smooth.

3. Still making the circle, think of the worst thing that ever happened to you. You should notice a difference in the feel of your fingers. They may feel gritty, or dragging, or you may lose the ability to make a circle.

4. Now repeat number 2 and notice the difference.

5. Anytime you want to test an item to see if it benefits you, hold it in one hand and with the opposite hand do number 1 again. If it is smooth, your body is telling you it is good for you. If not, then your body is telling you it could be harmful to you. Try this at the grocery store with organic fruit and then regular fruit, then move on to test processed packaged foods. You may be astounded!

This takes practice to develop the sensitivity, so don’t give up. Some people are able to master it the first time (like last week’s class!) and others may  just simply be too tense for it to work.

TIP: Do not predispose yourself to believing something is good or bad. Just hold it and say “I wonder?”

August 1, 2016

Qigong and Tai Chi classes resume (after summer break) this week. Did you know that those who do qigong spend 83.4% less on medical care than those who don’t? WOW!

See schedule under Class Schedule & Rates

July, 2016

Trayfoot Jen’s Twenty-Six Ways

to Live Longer…Better!

  1.  Tai Chi: The VA is prescribing Tai Chi for Vets!
  2. Qigong: A recent study showed that older adults who did qigong regularly reduced their health care expenses by a whopping 83.4%! Now that’s efficient health care reform.
  3. Meditate.
  4. Swing arms for lung and heart health.
  5. Eat whole foods, not processed/packaged foods.
  6. Eliminate Sugar (sodas & flavored waters unless you flavor them yourself).
  7. Eliminate Grains (including grain-fed beef, chicken, corn, rice except for wild rice).
  8. Get Outside!
  9. Be yourself & be okay wth yourself! And allow others to do the same!!
  10. Eat organic whenever possible, but especially strawberries, root vegetables, and anything you leave skin on and eat.
  11. Quiet time…without electronics!
  12. Five servings of fruit/Vegetables or more per day, organic whenever possible.
  13. Use Herbs/food as medicine (first line of defense).
  14. Find your passion and do it!
  15. Find time every day to think about all you have to be grateful for.
  16. Walk barefoot outside (we are 3 generations away from the land).
  17. Learn about “weeds” as first aid (I.e., tick, snake, spider bites, stop bleeding, swelling) See Green Bandaids under Wholistically Speaking .
  18. Don’t just smell the roses, touch the roses! If you can’t touch them, look at pictures (Trayfoot Jen Outdoors at
  19. Cultivate friendships with those who add joy to your life. Let the negative thinkers go.
  20. Adjust your thinking! You attract what you think about, so think about what you want, not what you don’t want.
  21. If you are diagnosed with a disease, RESEARCH! Find out everything you can.
  22. YOU decide which treatment is best for YOU!
  23. Follow the 50/50 Rule (See article in Wholistically Speaking).
  24. Take high quality supplements (see below).
  25. S-L-O-W-D-O-W-N

Bonus! Do an Elimination Diet to find which foods improve your health and which ones are detrimental to your health.

Recommended Reading:

Herbal Simpling A Quick-Reference Guide/Personal Health Journal by Jennifer S Hensley,
The Book of Herbal Wisdom by Matthew Wood
No Grain! No Pain! By Dr. Peter Osborne
Peterson Field Guideto Eastern/Central Medicinal Plants by Steven Foster & Dr. James Duke
Are Your Prescriptions Killing You? by Armon B. Need, Jr., PharmD
“Wholistically Speaking” by Jennifer S Hensley, (Monthly column at

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June 25, 2016

Headline News: Nearly 1 in 3 on Medicare Receive Opioid Prescription, Report: At Cost of $4.1B Last Year

These statistics are from a report from the Office of Inspector Genner for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

$4.1 billion is a lot of money, but the cost in human life is even more shocking. Our medical system helps kills 52 people every day by writing prescriptions for opioids. To put that in perspective, when 49 people were killed in Ordando recently, it was international news.  Yes, it was a horrible thing to happen, but opioids prescription medication kills 52 people a day, and no one says a word. Dead is dead. Why aren’t we marching in the streets in protest? This finally being talked about and probably in part because high profile famous people are among the fatalities and because it is costing 4.1 billion dollars per year. Not because the average Jane/Joe is dying at an alarming rate. But still, the average person is not aware of these statistics.

I am always astounded by older adults (I am one too) who talk about kids and the illegal drug problem. If they are addicted to prescription pain killers, they do not consider that a drug problem. And they are probably not aware that we kill many more Americans with prescription drugs than illegal drugs.

There ar3e

June 24,2016

Yesterday, in a workshop I was teaching at Massanutten Resort, we had a discussion of the importance of salt and water in our diets. I promised those attending that I would post the name of a book on this subject, so here it is: Water&Salt The Essence of Life by Dr. Med. Barbara Hendel and Peter Ferreira. You will find the recipe for making Sole and its benefits starting on page 155. Hope this answers all your questions! If you need to purchase Pink Salt Chunks to make Sole, I do have some.

June 18, 2016 – Summer Break is July 1-31. Classes will resume August 2 at 9:00 a.m.

June 10, 2016 New study says Tai Chi can increase the number of stem cells!

Taipei, June 7 (CNA) Taiwanese researchers have identified one possible reason that practitioners of the martial art tai chi tout its health benefits: shadow boxing apparently reinvigorates stem cells.

In a study published in the international medical journal Cell Transplantation, a research team found that tai chi can increase the number of stem cells in practitioners.

Lin Hsin-jung, a neural surgeon and head of China Medical University Beigang Hospital in southern Taiwan, said Saturday that his team’s research has been selected as the cover story for the latest issue of the journal.

He noted that the public has long considered Tai Chi to be good for the body, and practitioners say it helps them live a longer, healthier life.

Lin and a team of researchers put the theory to the test with three years of research.

In the study, 60 subjects were divided into three groups, two of which undertook tai chi and speed walking, respectively, and a control group that did no exercise at all.

The researchers concluded that the tai chi practitioners saw their individual stem cell counts increase by increments of three to five times.

Regular tai chi exercises helped the subjects with heart function, reinvigorated neural cells in the brain, balanced excitement and inhibition controls, and helped with mental trauma and nerve exhaustion, Lin said.

The research is titled “Tai Chi Intervention Increases Progenitor CD34+Cells in Young Adults.”

(By Yeh Tzu-kang and Lilian Wu)

June 6, 2016

Been trimming out brush and dead branches around the pond so I can see the wildlife better. We have a bear that keeps rolling a big barrel out from under the deck, several does with fawns and a turkey hen that is homesteading in the patch of woods right beside the west side of our house and driveway. Love it here!

May 30,2016

Gathered fresh yarrow leaves, chopped them, put them in jar and poured vodka over them. I will let them macerate (soak) for at least two weeks, then I will strain and press the mixture, put it in a spray bottle and use it for mosquito spray. This is supposed to be as effective as DEET. I will let you know!

Also made tick repellant using lavender and rosemary essential oils and put that in a little roll-on bottle. Will experiment with this mix and make a few more different blends to find out which is most effective against local ticks. Now if I can just remember to use it!

May 9, 2016

Started hawthorn, wood betony and golden seal tinctures on Saturday during New Moon energy. Wood Betony will be the guest of honor in the June Column!

Check out new photos in Trayfoot Jen Outdoors section. Lots of new blooms!

May 4, 2016

There were four important news items this week (no, not Trump) for your health enjoyment:

1.   From Chuck Rosenberg, DEA acting administrator “…we are 5% of the world population, we consume 99% of the Hydocodone and 80% of world’s oxcodone…very clear path from opioid abuse to heroin abuse”.

2.   Medical Errors are the 3rd leading cause of death in U.S. behind heart disease and      cancer.
2.    One out 3 antibiotic prescriptions in U.S. are unnecessary!
3.    CDC says too many preschoolers are medicated for ADHD.

And my two-cents worth:

As a perpetual student of natural health and healing, except for the first statement from Rosenberg, I have believed/known the above for many years. I find it shameful and disgraceful that this is not common knowledge available to the general public. Greed–not healing– is the driving force behind many almost force-fed prescription drugs. We succumb to the pressure, yeilding to the fear that something bad will happen to us if we don’t take the prescription drugs instead of studying what will happen to us if we do take the drugs.

I am not against our western medicine; I just think it should be used in conjunction with natural therapies before dangerous drugs are prescribed. In Dr. Duke’s Death List, Dr. James Duke, former head of the botanical division of the USDA, states that 1 in 333 people who take prescription drugs wil die from taking them. WOW! Unless it is an emergency, do you think it might be a good idea to try something from nature’s pharmacy first?  Do your research. Educate yourself. And then decide YOUR preferred method of treatment!

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