Trayfoot Jen Outdoors/Wild Blossoms

Summer 2018

Below: This is a Sulfur Shelf AKA Chicken-of-the-woods, It is edible and guess what it tastes like after cooking?



Pond Life Three pics above: DumDum our resident black snake for years, has just eaten a frog at the pond; Scruffy is dinning out on a pecan he swiped from me; Dragon Flies mating—They must find a Water Lilly very romantic!





Pipsissewa in Bloom. Blooms are very waxy. AKA Spotted Wintergreen.



Little Bucky not quite sure he wants to be here!






Below Another Rodie blooming in my native garden. Gorgeous!


May 16,2016 – First Rodie of the year blooming in my native garden!



May 10, 2016 – Mountain Laurel is starting to bloom!

imagePinxter Azalea Sunday, May 1,2016

imageBleeding Hearts, my garden, 5-11-16

imageLittle Trillium beat up by rain but still showy! 5-12-16

imageMountain laurel buds. Lovely! 5-1-16

imageDame’s Rocket 5-9-16, very similar to phlox, but has 4 petals instead of 5. Mustard family.

imageIt’s been rainy, cold and dreary for two weeks, but no one told the sunny poppies! 5-9-16

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