Trayfoot Jen Outdoors/Wild Blossoms


May 15 Arrowwood Vibernum

IMG_8881May Blossoms and Leaves:






From left — Pinxster, Wild Cherry

April Blossoms and Leaves: From top left, Autumn Olive, Mullein, Burdock

March 2017

Sunset and sunrise at Chesapeake Beach, Md. from my balcony at Chesapeake Beach Resort & Spa. Attending the Mason-Dixon Outdoor Writers Association annual conference. Just lovely here! Thursday it was 75 and yesterday it was 35 with wind, sleet, snow and rain. I feel like I am doing all four seasons in four days!

January 2017

Winter at the Pond.


October 18, 2016 — Don’t stop looking for Wildflowers because it’s fall! The wild Asters (on the right) are blooming beautifully and although the spotted wintergreen is no longer blooming, it is working on turning its berries red. Gorgeous fall day so I couldn’t help but look for blossoms!!

July, 2016

I was so excited to find colonies of Indian Pipe…there were dozens! They are so rare that all I have ever done before is shoot photos of them, but this year I harvested enough to make a quart of Indian Pipe tincture (herbal remedy). We have lived here in the mountains since 1979 and this is the first time I have seen more than just a group or two, so I made a quart because I doubt I will ever see this many again. WOW!

Jerusalem Artichoke and two varieties of the wonderful Bee Balm.

Queen Anne’s Lace (left) and Yarrow (right) booming. Note how the Yarrow looks like a cluster of tiny daisies. Eventually the Queen Anne’s Lace will develop a small purple heart. Both are medicinal herbs, but I use the Yarrow so much more than  the Lace.

June, 2016

Another Rodie blooming in my native garden. Gorgeous!


May 16,2016 – First Rodie of the year blooming in my native garden!



May 10, 2016 – Mountain Laurel is starting to bloom!

imagePinxter Azalea Sunday, May 1,2016

imageBleeding Hearts, my garden, 5-11-16

imageLittle Trillium beat up by rain but still showy! 5-12-16

imageMountain laurel buds. Lovely! 5-1-16

imageDame’s Rocket 5-9-16, very similar to phlox, but has 4 petals instead of 5. Mustard family.

imageIt’s been rainy, cold and dreary for two weeks, but no one told the sunny poppies! 5-9-16