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Tai Chi & QiGong
Grassroots of Self Care

Ever feel like your health is not under your control? Ever think there has got to be a better way of staying healthy than boring and sometimes damaging exercise? Want to build a stronger immune system, improve balance and flexibility, reduce stress and create a stronger, more vibrant body by moving in a lovely, slow, dance-like way? Enter the ancient arts of Tai Chi and Qigong.   Learn how you may lower your BP 10 points in two minutes, increase your circulation and mental focus, prevent and improve many health conditions, and the list goes on and on. Come and let us share with you the wonderful and dynamic healing world of Tai Chi
and Qi Gong.

Even if you are already on the Tai Chi Path—unless you are studying with a private instructor at a private studio—there are limits to what you will learn and what is allowed to be taught. At Trayfoot Mountain Studio we have no such limitations. Techniques and advanced theory shared in this workshop will greatly enhance your Tai Chi and Qi Gong studies…no matter who you study with!

In this workshop you will learn a short stand alone Tai Chi Form, Dance of the Five Elements, Seasonal Healing Qigong (for appropriate season & vital organ health) and custom sequences for your personal better health. Also learn an easy and  effective Qigong self massage. All while nestled in the magnificence of the Blue Ridge Mountains adjoining the Shenandoah National Park. Come heal with us and do “Tai Chi for Good-ness Sake!”

Instructor: Jennifer Stroop Hensley is an Energy Dowser & Worker, Certified Herbalist, Wild Health Woman, Certified Tai Chi & Qigong Instructor as well as prolific author and columnist of the great outdoors.

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