Tai Chi & Qigong Classes

FREE Introductory Class!  Call for an appointment.
Fawn at the pond…perhaps practicing Crane Lifts Leg Qigong?

FYI: All my classes are small so we can focus on individual health, healing and improvement. Everyone welcome! For more information

call 540-476-1789

Trayfoot Studio

Please call for details and to register.

Trayfoot Summer Schedule
Tai Chi, Qigong & Meditation in the Treetops!
9:00 a.m.*–Blended Seasonal Healing Qigong


9:00 a.m.– Single Fan Tai Chi and Tai Chi, Qigong Basics


9:00 a.m. –Tai Forms & Fan Tai Chi

We are now outside doing Tai Chi in the Tops!

Fall Tai Chi, Qigong & Meditation Classes in the Treetops at Trayfoot Mountain Studio!
Warning! Possible Known side effects:
Better balance and flexibility
Less chronic pain
Easier movement
Reduce the chance of falls
Better sleep
More energy
Relieves stress
Improved mental focus
Weight loss
Muscle mass increases/tones
You feel YOUNGER!
Classes are limited to 8 so please reserve your spot!
Call 476-1789
Try a FREE Introductory Class!
Call for an appointment.
To end the Qigong class, we do“Laughing Qigong” 
*About Seasonal Qigong
 Think healthy lungs, heart, liver etc. and breast cancer prevention! I consider this my “flu shot”!
In the Spring, we work predominantly on healing movements for the liver and associated organs, in the Summer we focus on the heart, in the Fall the lungs/respiratory system, and in the Winter we work on kidney/bladder/adrenal health.
Although we focus on major organ systems each season, we also work on all systems in each class.

Start your week off right with Blended Seasonal Qigong!

Monday mornings 10:00 a.m.
October- April
Drop-ins And beginners welcome!
Private Individual or Group Classes are also an option
For more information, please email me at Trayfoot@yahoo.com or text me at 540-476-1789

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