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Playing Outdoors

Trayfoot Mountain Outdoor Tai Chi Pavilion Safe Classes for Modern Times! In the spirit of keeping everyone safe and not spreading colds, flu and of course covid-19 and all its variations, we have moved all classes outdoors permanently. We have built an outdoor, open… Continue Reading “Playing Outdoors”

More Points to Ponder

What do you think about when you are doing Taiji or Qigong? What comes next? What you have to do after class? What is wrong with politics? Etc. what you should be thinking about is how each movement feels throughout your body and coordinating… Continue Reading “More Points to Ponder”

Great Senior Tai Chi Class

We just finished a four-week Tai Chi class for Seniors. This was one the most lively and entertaining classes we have ever taught! It was so great that we are adding it to our ongoing classes at Trayfoot Mountain Studio and we already have… Continue Reading “Great Senior Tai Chi Class”

Points to Ponder to Improve Your Tai Chi

Tai Chi Posture Tai Chi posture benefits your posture and balance and greatly reducing your chances of falling. Practice this posture not just when doing Tai Chi, but incorporating it into everything you do sitting and standing. 1. Stand with your feet about a… Continue Reading “Points to Ponder to Improve Your Tai Chi”

Tai Chi & Qigong for COPD and Asthma

This is the first in Trayfoot’s Tai Chi for Health & Healing Series. In this 4-week class, you learn easy evidenced-based movements and techniques (i.e., see Pursed Lip Breathing below) that can be done daily which may strengthen your respiratory system and ease symptoms.… Continue Reading “Tai Chi & Qigong for COPD and Asthma”

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