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Qigong Reduces Health Care Costs!

According to a recent study,  health care costs are reduced by a whopping 83.4% in older adults who practice Qigong?!!

Herbal Stories

I am not a doctor, a lawyer or an Indian chief. I am just someone who has studied natural ways of healing for the last 30 years and I still consider the day wasted if I do not learn at least one thing every… Continue Reading “Herbal Stories”

Mint Condition

Q: What can I use mint for besides an upset stomach or in ice tea and how do I grow it? – Chasity Where do I start? First, by asking what kind of mint you have! There are many varieties of mint and, in… Continue Reading “Mint Condition”

Humble Horseradish for Fall Health

I had two other ideas for this month’s column, however, horseradish kept pushing it’s snoot—or should I say root—into the equation. We had steamed shrimp Sunday evening and I used the last of my fresh horseradish in dipping sauce. My husband had a sinus… Continue Reading “Humble Horseradish for Fall Health”

Nuisance Plant

I was watching the local news the other evening when a piece about nuisance plants came on. A Shenandoah National Park Ranger was talking about having volunteers come in for a day of nuisance plant removal. The main focus was garlic mustard–a dastardly invasive… Continue Reading “Nuisance Plant”


Q: I can’t get into spring. I just don’t have the energy. Are there herbs I could try to get my energy level up? Thanks, Sam Oh yeah Sam. I revisited an article I wrote a few years ago and gave it a spring… Continue Reading “Spring!”

A Moving Resolution

Q. I have lost 35 pounds, but I have also lost muscle. Getting plenty of protein but no strength in legs. What can I do? Jean Jean is a dear friend of mine. I met her in the first tai chi class I taught… Continue Reading “A Moving Resolution”

Creating Peace on Earth

This Holiday Season, it is more important than ever for each of us to do our part to recreate Peace on Earth. This is the first time I have ever mentioned politics in Wholistically Speaking, however, the current political circus is having a detrimental… Continue Reading “Creating Peace on Earth”

Sweet Sleep

Q:  Help! Is there an herb that can help me get a good nights sleep? Christy If you have ever lain awake until the wee hours, you know how sweet it is to fall asleep quickly and soundly–and stay asleep! Whenever someone asks me… Continue Reading “Sweet Sleep”

Camp/Travel Herbal Kit

It’s fall, it’s colorful, it’s cool and it’s the best time to be outside! Last month, we looked at Green Bandaids for accidents in the outback, but have you ever been away from home when diarrhea, vomiting or any other trip-ruining health disaster struck?… Continue Reading “Camp/Travel Herbal Kit”

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