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Qigong Reduces Health Care Costs!

According to a recent study,  health care costs are reduced by a whopping 83.4% in older adults who practice Qigong?!!

A Moving Resolution

Q. I have lost 35 pounds, but I have also lost muscle. Getting plenty of protein but no strength in legs. What can I do? Jean Jean is a dear friend of mine. I met her in the first tai chi class I taught… Continue Reading “A Moving Resolution”

Trayfoot Jen’s Twenty-Six Ways to Live Longer…Better!

 Tai Chi: The VA is prescribing Tai Chi for Vets! Qigong: A recent study showed that older adults who did qigong regularly reduced their health care expenses by a whopping 83.4%! Now that’s efficient health care reform. Meditate. Swing arms for lung and heart… Continue Reading “Trayfoot Jen’s Twenty-Six Ways to Live Longer…Better!”

New study says Tai Chi can increase the number of stem cells!

Taipei, June 7 (CNA) Taiwanese researchers have identified one possible reason that practitioners of the martial art tai chi tout its health benefits: shadow boxing apparently reinvigorates stem cells. In a study published in the international medical journal Cell Transplantation, a research team found… Continue Reading “New study says Tai Chi can increase the number of stem cells!”

Do you have What’s Next-itis?

Are you constantly thinking about “What’s Next”? When we built our house many years ago, my husband constantly pushed our builder to move faster by constantly asking “what’s next?” Not able to maintain focus on what he was currently doing but instead forced to… Continue Reading “Do you have What’s Next-itis?”

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