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A monthly column about natural health and healing including taiji (tai chi), qigong (chi kung), dowsing, and herbal remedies.

Reading, ‘Riting & Rosemary

Excuse the play on an old standby, but kids going back to school reminded me of the three Rs and that led to substituting Rosemary for ‘rithmetic (I was never very good in math anyway). You see, I read about Rosemary and I am… Continue Reading “Reading, ‘Riting & Rosemary”

The Zombie Plant

Q:  What is that plant that has purple leaves and tiny pink blooms and is all over right now. I see it in large patches in fields. Is it good for anything? Cami I think you are talking about purple dead nettle, or as… Continue Reading “The Zombie Plant”

The Dark Side of Food, Herbs and Spices!

Q: I read about the grains last month, but what about nightshade plants? A friend told me I shouldn’t eat those either. Is that just tomatoes and potatoes? Marg Last month we popped your bubble about eating grains, now I guess we will continue… Continue Reading “The Dark Side of Food, Herbs and Spices!”

Healing Occurs Naturally!

Except for the ones I make, I buy my vitamins, herbs, minerals, extracts, essential oils (including Tei Fu Oil), flower essences, toothpaste, shampoo, cleaners, etc. from Nature’s Sunshine Products because they have the best quality for the best price, especially if you are a… Continue Reading “Healing Occurs Naturally!”

Wonderful Wood Betony

Recently, a good friend asked me about using Wood Betony for a head injury and that got my wheels turning. After re-reading about Wood Betony in Matthew Woods’s The Book of Herbal Wisdom (one of my favorite books) I immediately started a Wood Betony… Continue Reading “Wonderful Wood Betony”

Trayfoot Jen’s Twenty-Six Ways to Live Longer…Better!

 Tai Chi: The VA is prescribing Tai Chi for Vets! Qigong: A recent study showed that older adults who did qigong regularly reduced their health care expenses by a whopping 83.4%! Now that’s efficient health care reform. Meditate. Swing arms for lung and heart… Continue Reading “Trayfoot Jen’s Twenty-Six Ways to Live Longer…Better!”

Fresh Yarrow

Gathered fresh yarrow leaves, chopped them, put them in jar and poured vodka over them. I will let them macerate (soak) for at least two weeks, then I will strain and press the mixture, put it in a spray bottle and use it for… Continue Reading “Fresh Yarrow”


Q. Is there a natural bug repellent without DEET? There are several natural bug repellents made without DEET, however, because I make my own, I can’t tell you which ones work and which ones don’t. How about I just tell you how to make… Continue Reading “BUG OFF!”

Hawthorn, Wood Betony and Goldenseal

Started hawthorn, wood betony and golden seal tinctures on Saturday during New Moon energy. Wood Betony will be the guest of honor in the June Column! Check out new photos in Gallery section. Lots of new blooms!

The 50/50 Rule of Health

It’s Summertime and the living is easy…especially if you are in good health. It’s July, it’s hot, it’s humid. You could go to the beach or the pool and rub sandy elbows with the crowd, or you could find a good book and sit… Continue Reading “The 50/50 Rule of Health”

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